Magazines love to rate things: top ten this, top ten that, worst this, worst that.  The latest Men’s Health magazine lists the 20 Worst Drinks in America.  And there number one worst “drink”?

Drum roll please….

The Cold Stone 24 fl. ounce PB&C which has over 2,000 calories and 131 grams of fat.  WOW!  Paging Margo Wootan over at the CSPI!!

Yeah, that’s a lot of fat and calories for a drink…but is this really a drink?  Let’s take a look at this “drink.”  It contains peanut butter, chocolate and ice cream.  In my house, we call that a milkshake, a dessert, an occasional treat.  But I guess because it comes with a straw, Men’s Health includes it on the list.    

The “drinks” that make up the rest of the top ten are similar frozen drinks, most containing ice cream (except for number 6–a totally worth-the-calories, hot-tub sized margarita).

Now, I have to ask, does Men’s Health really think this is a surprise to anyone?  Do they really think people are surprised that their milk shake contains massive quantities of fat and calories? Does Men’s Health believe that when people order a banana split, they think their enjoying a fruit salad?

These type of lists fuel the nanny state. People read this type of thing and say…well, geese, some people must not realize that a beverage made of ICE CREAM has calories. The government should step in, regulate, ban, limit!! 

Or, perhaps common sense will prevail and people who order milkshakes with lunch will realize their beverage of choice has a few more calories than water.