I’m afraid the Democrats will draw the conclusion that because Congressman Ryan’s proposal, I think, is not the best one, that we shouldn’t do anything, and I completely disagree with that.

That’s former President Bill Clinton, “who showed again how a president can lead his party toward the center and solve problems,” in the words of columnist Michael Goodwin. Clinton made this remark in the wake of a Democratic victory in New York’s heavily Republican 26th congressional district. Democrats used Mediscare tactics, and Clinton rightly fears that this win will convince them that demagoguery pays dividends. 

Goodwin comments:

This is a big deal, in politics and policy. Clinton saved his own presidency and helped put the nation on course for a balanced budget by working with Republicans who took the House in 1994.

Obama faces a similar situation but remains committed to a far-left lurch on taxing and spending. His budget was such a sham that not a single Senate Dem would risk voting for it, and it went down, 97-0.

With Medicare facing bankruptcy in 12 years and the national debt piling up by the day, Obama has many reasons to take the lead in crafting fixes. Clinton showed how it was done 15 years ago, but his example and advice will count for nothing unless Obama changes course.