Last week I wrote about Democrats’ failure to participate in budget debates. The saga continues as Vice President Biden, who is supposed to be leading the White House’s efforts to reach some kind of budget agreement with Congress, took off to attend a ceremony in Italy (h/t White House Dossier via Drudge)

This news follows an overwhelming vote in the House to not raise the debt limit. Democrats split almost evenly on the bill, with 82 joining Republicans to thwart the measure to raise the limit without cutting spending.

I’m glad the debt limit vote failed, and glad that so many Democrats recognize that just increasing the country’s credit card limit is the road to fiscal ruin. Yet it’s easy to oppose debt. Spending is the real issue here. Actually opposing specific government spending takes more thought and courage. Those 82 Democrats should be offering ideas for cutting government spending. Democrats seem to think it’s enough to bash Republican proposal to reduce the growth of government. It’s not. The country wants and needs real leadership on the debt issue and it needs to be a bipartisan effort.