Yesterday, news broke that the Federal Communications Commission’s cooperation with Free Press, a left-wing advocacy group, to message about the benefits of net neutrality. (As my former colleague Romina has written, net neutrality would vastly increase government’s control over the internet.) 

The evidence, obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by Judicial Watch, shows the self-described “national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization” offering to write and place an op-ed for FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, among other questionable interactions. 

But wait! There’s more! Also yesterday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute revealed that they had obtained evidence (also through a FOIA request!) that the Treasury Department and General Motors had worked together on GM’s ad campaign which (misleadingly) claimed that GM had paid back its government loans in full.

As a libertarian, I’m skeptical of most things the government does – but even by my admittedly low standards, it’s pretty disgusting how the feds have been trying to manipulate information to achieve their policy ends. Hopefully these two cases will give pause to anyone who thinks that the Administration is playing by the rules – because undoubtedly, there are many more stories out there to be uncovered.