Rudy Guiliani’s 2008 implosion disappointed many conservatives who wanted a candidate who grasped the severity of our foreign threats and showed fiscal leadership, without being bogged down by the social conservative causes of the previous decade. In this way, he was a bit of a launching pad for much of the tea party movement. Unfortunately, he was also distracted, unfocused, and perhaps just not fully-committed to winning the White House.

While the GOP field is getting more crowded, Republicans are still looking for a candidate who can turn around the economy, reign in the progressive state, conduct a successful foreign policy, and engage in a real battle of ideas with President Obama. Guiliani could be a great candidate and has the potential to push Romney onto the sidelines – or, at least slow his momentum – if, as Kristol notes, he is truly determined to run a “disciplined campaign” with a “focused message.”

Here’s hoping. The more people and ideas the better.