Famed “warrior” attorney Gloria Allred has no shame. She claims to be a feminist activist, advocating on behalf of “family rights and feminist causes.” In reality, she does far more harm to women and families than good.

Allred’s previous clients include Amber Frey, the massage therapist who cheated with Scott Peterson (who later murdered his wife Laci) and then testified against him; Jodie Fisher, who filed a sexual-harassment claim against former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd; Nicky Diaz Santillan, the longtime housekeeper to Meg Whitman; a young girl named Katrina who sued the Boy Scouts for excluding girls; and one of the many, many mistresses of famed golf star Tiger Woods.

Now this great feminist has turned up in Weinergate, holding a press conference yesterday with Ginger Lee, the former porn star accused of engaging in racy “sexting” with the New York congressman. Allred called it another instance of a female victim “whose rights have been violated.” Hardly.

As I wrote earlier this week, when a sex scandal erupts in politics, sports, or Hollywood, we are far too quick to ask, “What’s the matter with men today?” We should also ask, “What’s the matter with women?” The fact is, it takes two to tango, Ginger.

Why is it that Allred has no problem parading cheating, lying, and otherwise morally questionable women in front of the cameras to talk about how they were taken advantage of? Instead of recognizing that these women were active participants in these affairs, she manages to position them as vulnerable victims, taken advantage of by stronger, more powerful men (and in some cases women) like Anthony Weiner.

Ginger Lee engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a married man. Whether or not she and Weiner ever actually had any non-cyber sexual relations is besides the point and something I don’t care to pursue. But instead of playing gender politics and applauding Lee for speaking out against the congressman, we should be asking the dancer why she was so willing to participate in Weiner’s infidelity.

But that would require a lawyer who really did care about equality.

– Sabrina L. Schaeffer is a senior fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum and managing partner of Evolving Strategies.