File this under Walmart Derangement Syndrome!

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) is offended that Walmart made a $5 million donation to a New York City program that helps city children get summer jobs.  The summer jobs program was in danger of folding because it lacked funding but at the 11thhour, Walmart stepped in with the large donation (h/t:

To thousands of kids in New York, this means a much-needed summer job.  To the clowns at the UFCW, this means Walmart is “buying” access to the city government.  Union hack Patrick Purcell wasn’t subtle in his condemnation of the donation, saying:

“we should all welcome this money with no strings attached and continue to hope that this is perhaps Walmart seeking penance for the economic sins it continues to commit against workers, small business’s, women’s groups and communities. They should continue their penance by sitting down with the appropriate people and discuss real reform that could make them less objectionable to millions of New Yorkers. If not, this is money well spent and welcomed, but it is still nothing more than Walmart putting lipstick on a Bentonville pig.”

Apparently Purcell isn’t aware the latest unemployment figures show that for teens 16-19, the unemployment rate is a staggering 24.2 percent. For black teens, the figure is 40.7 percent.