Well, it looks like the Obama administration is finally focusing on jobs, jobs, jobs-and how to kill, kill, kill them.

The latest affront to job creation is beefing up the power of the National Labor Relations Board, which is currently trying to kill jobs in South Carolina, a right-to-work state. I refer-as I am sure you know-to the NRLB’s efforts to prevent Boeing from building a plant in that business-friendly state, although the South Carolina plant, while creating new jobs in a hospitable state, would not reduce the number of Boeing jobs Washington state.

Okay, granted, stopping the South Carolina plant would kill jobs. But, apparently, not nearly enough to satisfy the bureaucrats and labor union officials who have supplied so much campaign money for President Obama. Why be so ad hoc? Why not set up new rules to destroy job creation on a bigger scale and into perpetuity?

The Editors of National Review explain:

The Obama administration’s takeover of the health-insurance system stands out in many Americans’ minds as the distillation of its radicalism, but even more remarkable is its radicalization of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), part of its tireless campaign to aggrandize the cartels known as labor unions. Now the NLRB plans to rewrite the rules for union elections in a way that further strengthens the hand of the unions and undermines the freedom of employers to keep from having collective-bargaining contracts imposed on them against their will.

Obama’s NLRB is contemplating new union-election rules that would give employers less time to organize a countercampaign. There is absolutely no reason for doing so other than to weaken the employers’ position.

This new plan may be worse than “card check,” which would have banned secret ballots in union elections, giving unions the ability to harass employees who don’t want to belong. Unions could take over a company covertly and by piecemeal. Companies would be compelled to share their electronic files and data bases with unions, in effect cutting their own throats.

So-yeah-the administration has pivoted to jobs–but it’s the destruction, not the creation, of opportunities for people who yearn to work. 

Here is what the administration doesn’t know: It is businesses, not unions, that create jobs. Unions once had a place of honor in American history, standing up for the little guy. But today they represent only about 12 percent of the workforce. But the Obama administration gives them a say far out of kilter with their actual numbers. The harm this does to the economy is massive.