If you had any doubt about how the men and women of the mainstream media feel about ordinary Americans who go about their business in the hinterlands, New York Times reporter David Carr once again let the mask slip (in the words of Powerline) on the Bill Maher show-the Midwest, says Carr, is the place of the “low sloping foreheads.”

Wow! This somehow manages to be even more derogatory than just calling them Neanderthals.

I love moment when Carr says, “Did I really say that out loud?” to the delight of host Bill Maher, who shares Carr’s contempt for those who don’t share his prejudices. (You can see this great moment in TV on Powerline.)

Yep, and the message was loud and clear. Carr has already apologized but the apology only shows the truth of Michael Kinsley’s remark that a gaffe is when you tell the truth in Washington (and by extension on the Bill Maher show).  This is really how the elite press views the rest of the world (and maybe one reason the rest of the world is increasingly unwilling to buy their products).

These are the people who will be covering the 2012 presidential race, trying to move us towards re-electing President Obama. Remember what they really believe when you are tempted to accept their judgments uncritically. (Here is a round-up on Carr’s slip.)