The Independent Women’s Voice – the 501(c)(4) sister organization of the Independent Women’s Forum – is one of those “free market advocacy groups” helping advance the “Cut Cap Balance” proposal because profligate government spending and mounting debt are a serious liability on our economic growth and the outlook for women, families and children.

Too often national women’s organizations encourage the out-of-control spending we see in Washington, claiming spending cuts are, in effect, a “war on women” – a tired, tired phrase. In reality, what’s good for women and their families is not more government spending, but robust economic growth. And that growth doesn’t come from Washington. As government swells and increasingly encroaches on the private sector through higher taxes and burdensome regulations, it becomes harder for businesses to create jobs, restricts flexibility in the workplace, and places more limitations on women and their families.

That’s why IWV stands behind the CCB proposal, which takes significant steps in the right direction toward requiring Washington to refashion its current spending commitments and stop burying our country in debt.