I have a piece up on Townhall this morning where I talk about the need for Americans to reclaim their food freedom.  I encourage people to end their reliance on school lunches and to start packing their kids a lunch in the morning.  If we want healthy kids, its up to parents–not the federal government–to teach kids proper nutrition.

Looking over the comments to the column, one caught my eye.  He said: 

Part of getting ready for school was picking out a lunch box when shopping for school clothes and supplies. Now days, kids would not be caught dead carrying a lunch box much less a sack lunch. It was not until high school that you stopped taking your lunch and started buying it everyday because burgers and bar-b-q sandwiches were available daily. 

How sad!  I remember being so excited to carry my Little House on the Prairie lunch box (yeah, I said it…Little House…I’m old!).  I clearly remember feeling a sense of superiority over my fellow students when I pulled out my little brown and navy plaid mini-Thermos that my mom filled with tomato soup.

It’s to bad that those cheesy little lunch boxes are as dated as those Little House reruns on television (which I occasionallyfind myself watching).  Perhaps a BRING BACK THE LUNCH BOX campaign is in order.  I see a Facebook group in the future!

As I say in my column this morning, “on this Independence Day, declare independence from the government nannies and the school lunch program. Regain your food freedom. Disappoint the federal government, the USDA, the First Lady and her foodie minions at the Let’s Move Campaign and send your kids to school with a home-packed lunch. Get them involved in the process. Ask them what they want to eat and what they enjoy. Teach them to pack their own lunch.”

Who knows, maybe we can all make lunch boxes hip again!