Pfc. Naser Abdo, accused of planning a copycat attack on Fort Hood, where Major Nidal Hassan killed 13 people, was apprehended before anything bad occurred. Thank heavens.

But the Abdo story reveals something about both the media and the army’s commitment to a dangerous form of multiculturalism. Abdo, it seems signed up for the army and then decided he could not fight our wars in majority Muslim countries.

I guess he would have been okay if we were at war with France? Why didn’t a recruiter ask Abdo about this before investing valuable time and money in housing and training him?  It may be illegal to ask such a question-so here we have Pfc. Abdo apparently plotting an  attack on Fort Hood.

The Weekly Standard has linked to a fawning CNN Headline News interview last year with Nasser. It was about his quest for Conscientious Objector status because of his Muslim faith. 

The interview is a hoot, an absolute gem, from the reporter’s chirpy “thanks for being with us, Nasser” to the end. The reporter did think to ask Abdo if he had thought through the situation before signing up for the military. (Turns out, he said he hadn’t.) But Abdo was not pressed and the atmosphere of the interview was one of sympathy. 

Alas, the process for granting CO status to Abdo was delayed when it was discovered that Private Nasser had boucoup child pornography.  The CNN interview shows how just how far many of us are willing to go to ignore the warning signs of trouble ahead. I don’t want to prejudge, but I am willing to bet that there were lots of indications of Abdo’s religious radicalism, as there were with Nidal. Ignoring these signs, if I am right that they existed, is no favor to the loyal Muslims serving in our military.