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The New York Daily News reports today (h/t OpenMarkets.com) that the New York state legislature just passed a new law requiring warning labels be placed on all children’s sippy cups.

No, it’s not because of concerns over a toxic substance that scared a lot of parents a few years back. It’s because of an uproar over childhood tooth decay.

Good grief.

The bill is the handiwork of the state Dental Association, which pushed hard for the bill for the past two years. “I can show you photos of children who go to bed with sippy cups,” said Mark Feldman, executive director of the association said.”All you see is little black stumps that is all that is left of the teeth.”

More and more the nanny state interferes with the role of parents. It’s true, letting your kids fall asleep with a sugary substance in their mouth isn’t a great idea. But what’s next, a “nanny-cam” to make sure parents have their kids brush their teeth at night?

In the end, the government can’t – nor should it – legislate all parental decisions.