IWF advances the notion that women are not a special class in need of protection from men, or from government.  We favor policies across the board, from health care to education to retirement savings, which rely on market-based solutions and allow for the greatest amount of freedom of choice.

That’s why I’ve been particularly interested to watch Democrats and progressive activist groups that have been fighting an aggressive anti-Republican campaign in recent months, charging that the GOP has declared war on women. Specifically, they claim Republican policies, such as proposals to reform Social Security, hurt women and their families.

So I was pleased to see Republican women who favor smaller government pushing back.  In a new video released by the House Republican Conference, leading conservative lawmakers take to the House floor to discuss what it means to be a Republican woman. Women like HRC Vice Chairwoman McMorris-Rodgers (R-Wa.) endorse such ideas as private sector job creation, spending cuts, and lower taxes.

It’s interesting how short sighted the Left can be. The fact is last November Republicans closed the gender gap. But Democrats didn’t seem to get the message.  Instead of changing the way they speak to women and the kind of policies they put forth, they’re engaging in name-calling.