Apparently, Tea Partiers aren’t the only terrorists around these days. 

Raw milk purveyors are also dangerous malcontents and they should be rounded up and arrested.  According to multiple news sources (LA Times article here, video of the raid here), a multi-agency SWAT team hit Rawesome Foods in Venice, CA and arrested three people.  Law enforcement then dumped $10,000 worth of raw milk. 

Two questions:

1)      Why in the heck do we have swat teams descending on food sellers?

2)      Why do agriculture agencies have access to swat teams? 

This disgusting slide toward totalitarianism and total control over people’s food decisions is shameful.  If people want to take the risk drinking unpasteurized milk, let them do it.  The risks are well known and people can make their own decisions about the food they want to eat.  

Swat teams for milk sellers?  This marks a whole new level of crazy.