On a day when the Dow tanked in one of the worst sell-offs in recent memory, I guess we should be cursing George Bush. Right? Oh, wait…the president is now blaming Congress for the lousy economy.

I don’t know who will be inaugurated in 2013. But I hope that instead of trying to escape blame the president will concentrate on fixing the mess. We’ve had presidents who’ve come in facing hard times and, through a combination of tax cuts and a pro-business attitude, have turned the economy around. But what is our president’s solution?

A bus tour! The taxpayer will be picking up the tab for President Obama’s to take his magical mystery tour. (Alana Goodman calls it Obama’s pivot-to-jobs act.) Yes, that is mildly annoying that we will pay for this foolishness.

What is scary, however, is that the president thinks that this is the way to deal with our unemployment problem. Alas, this is a problem that refuses to succumb to charm. Eric Cantor is making sense:

The president has not run a business or created jobs and has proven himself ill-suited to put the economy back on track, the Virginia Republican said in a midday interview on The Wall Street Journal’s website with opinion columnist Peggy Noonan and editor James Freeman.

“I think, frankly, he’s in over his head as to what to do about this economy,” Cantor said.

I’m afraid that to save the economy President Obama would have to do things that don’t fit in with the ideology to which he clings.