When you get down to it, President Obama’s forthcoming trip to a factory in Michigan that makes batteries for hybrid and electric cars (let’s hope it’s still in business when the president gets there) is far more troubling than his forthcoming trip to Martha’s Vineyard.  The Michigan trip means he is still nattering on about green jobs.

The Martha’s Vineyard trip only means the president is doing something mildly foolish. I’ve never been one to begrudge presidents’ a little R & R, and, frankly, I’d just as soon this one be in a place where it’s harder to command a podium and scold the nation. We need a vacation from him, too.

But the optics are terrible, and like a lot of Americans I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not spending too much of my money on paying for holidays for the Obama family. Michelle Obama recently took Air Force Two to Seattle to visit her brother Craig Robinson and his family.

I have no way of verifying his information but Keith Koffler of White House Dossier has good credentials and he reports:

Mrs. Obama reportedly jetted into the Eugene Airport, landing at about 11 am PDT. She and family members then headed out in a 11 vehicle motorcade for the ride to Corvallis.

The White House has so far said little about the trip, which was unannounced. It’s unclear how long the vacation will last.

Mrs. Obama and family members flew on a Boeing C-40B, the military version of a 737 that serves as Air Force 2.

Mrs. Obama has in the past incurred criticism for her travels, including an early departure for her most recent Hawaiian vacation and a luxurious 2010 trip to Spain. Most of the costs of her travel are borne by taxpayers.

The C-40B included a flight crew of eight to 10 people, according to one report. Mrs. Obama is traveling with one of her daughters – it’s unclear which one – and her mother.

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently made headlines flying commercial.

Mrs. Obama was doing some fundraising and perhaps other official chores.

Still, not being head of state, Mrs. Obama could, if she desired, be a little more considerate of the taxpayer.

Still, let’s put things in perspective:

The factory in Michigan got a $299 million federal grant for those greenie gizmos.