The Obama administration wasted no time in attacking Texas governor Rick Perry and I think it was an absolutely devastating attack–against the White House. 

Obama adviser David Axelrod said that Texas’s booming economy, a key factor in Perry’s pitch, has nothing to do with Perry and is rather the result of oil prices and military spending.

If Perry eventually becomes the GOP nominee and Obama makes this charge in the debate, all Perry has to do is ask, “Does anybody here doubt that, if you, Mr. President, were governor of Texas, Texas would be on the brink of recession?”

A Governor Obama would have introduced regulations and found ways to reduce the drilling that has made Texas prosperous. The moratorium-happy President Obama would have made sure that the oil bidness took a huge hit. 

While President Obama believes that government has a crucial role in creating jobs, Perry knows that often the best thing for government can do is let Americans work things out themselves. “I will work every day to make Washington, DC as inconsquential in your life as I can,” he said Saturday.

Whether the GOP nominee is Rep. Michele Bachmann, Governor Mitt Romney, or Perry, this will be he essence of the campaign against Obama’s all-encompassing government. (By the way, it does seem like a three-way race for the nomination now, doesn’t it?)