President Obama’s bus tour was billed as a chance for the president to get out and listen to real people telling him what is on their minds. I have one word for POTUS: Vonage.

Inexpensive long distance phone calls may have been better than a tour in a $1.1 million bus. It doesn’t appear that President Obama really wants listen to RPs unless they are saying things he already believes. So LD phone calls would have saved the taxpayer a lot of money.  

Here is a video of the president dismissing a farmer who is worried about more regulations that hamper could his ability to farm. This is a serious concern if you are trying to earn a living by selling your crop. “I suspect it will turn out that some of your fears are unfounded,” the president says smoothly. (I expect just the opposite.)

Nor did the president seem to want to listen the other day when Ryan Rhodes, a tea party member, asked if the president’s calls for civility can be taken seriously when the vice president has been reported to have called the tea party “terrorists.”

A grateful nation will heave a sigh of relief when he gets to Martha’s Vineyard.