Elle’s reporter also shows her bias when characterizing the sting on ACORN. She writes:

Until recently, the Gileses’ older daughter, Hannah, claimed a larger share of the conservative spotlight. Also honey-haired and fetching, she posed as the prostitute in the infamous “sting” operation in which activists at ACORN (the political cradle of Obama himself) were videotaped appearing to advise a pimp and a hooker on how to launder money.

“Appearing to advise … on how to launder money?” If only. Hopefully Elle’s readers, who are likely Jon Stewart fans, know that it wasn’t just laundering money, but how to traffic young girls as hookers. And it wasn’t just one rogue ACORN rep who provided advice–and yes, they actually gave this advice, they didn’t “appear” to give it–for how to mask criminal activity, but several across the country.

Nina’s whitewash of this episode–as if it was some concocted conservative scheme–shows that this is a reporter who sees what she wants when characterizing a story.