Ask any student today what the political atmosphere is like on campus, and I doubt the words "friendly to capitalism" spring from the tongue. While throngs of students return to dorms and college towns this week, Students For Liberty is making sure that students will indeed find a capitalism-friendly corner of campus. Atlas Network and Students For Liberty have teamed up to bring 100,000 copies of our new book, The Morality of Capitalism: What Your Professors Won’t Tell You to students all over the world.  

Featured in the book are various philosophers, economists, Nobel Prize winners, and entrepreneurs arguing for (as you might imagine) why markets are not just important for economics but true justice. One of those entrepreneurs featured is June Arunga. Ms. Arunga is one of those incredible women we can all try to emulate: she is a filmmaker, writer, founder and CEO of Open Quest Media LLC, and an advocate for property rights all over the world. 

This short interview highlights the very essence of why property rights are so important: they enable us to provide for our families and ourselves and feel safe in our homes. Without a clear system of property rights, countries and peoples from Africa to Washington, DC cannot truly prosper. 

Unfortunately, this system does not exist for many people in the world, nor is it on the radar for most college students… but now it is. With stories of advocates like Ms. Arunga, we hope to remind young people that the foundations of a free society are universal, and that it is up to every individual to be educated in a love of liberty. 

While copies of The Morality of Capitalism have already been distributed to students for free, individuals can purchase copies online or download free copies soon.  Other authors include Deirdre McCloskey, Vernon Smith, Mario Vargas Llosa, and John Mackey.