I’m glad to see some fast food restaurants pushing back on the food nannies’ attacks on the toys offered in their restaurants (see IWF’s Policy Paper on fast food toys here).

Last week, McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s announced they’ll continue to offer toys in children’s meals.  Kentucky Friend Chicken decided differently, announcing it will remove the toys from their meals.  A KFC spokesperson said they “hope this decision will support parents when making dietary decisions on behalf of their children which aren’t influenced in any way by pressure to choose the meal that has the toy.”

That’s fine. If KFC wants to remove the toys, that is a perfectly legitimate business decision, perhaps even a smart one given the media’s portrayal of toys in kids meals as being synonymous with infanticide.  

Spineless parents everywhere can now rejoice that they won’t have to say no to their children.  They can simply direct their dollars to KFC where children won’t be tempted to eat that high-calorie toy. 

Everybody wins!