Since Michelle Bernard’s appearance on C-Span’s Washington Journal, and Rush Limbaugh‘s comments about her statements, the Independent Women’s Forum has received a number of inquiries about our positions on President Obama’s policies and race.

First, to be clear, Michelle Bernard is no longer affiliated with IWF, and her views do not reflect the views of IWF’s board or staff.  In particular, during her appearance on C-Span, Michelle said, “Rush Limbaugh… said he doesn’t want the President to succeed. … it’s beyond explanation.”

We at the IWF understand exactly what Rush meant when he said he hoped the President would fail.

The President promised to transform America by radically expanding the role of government in people’s lives. He campaigned on a government takeover of the health care system – a promise he made good on. It was clear he wanted more regulation, higher taxes, and more government programs and spending across the board. And his Adminstration’s actions in the last two and half years have confirmed our worst fears, as government has increasingly meddled in what used to be known as the private sector, exacerbating our economic problems and dramatically increasingly our national debt.

Of course we want the President to fail at advancing his Big Government agenda. That’s because we want the country to succeed.

For nearly 20 years, we at IWF have worked to promote individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and personal responsibility. We believe that women do not want – and do not need – big government policies, and that women, children, and families are empowered by the choices and opportunities that the free market provides.

Accordingly, we oppose any and all policies that infringe upon the free market – be they tax increases, overregulation and red tape, or unconstitutional laws like last year’s health care “reform” bill. Period.

To restore our country to greatness, we must have a serious conversation about the role that the government should play in the lives of its citizens – what programs should exist, what should be scaled back, and what should be eliminated. We need to talk about the proper system of taxation to pay for our government. And we need to talk about how government’s growth threatens the very character of our country, by turning responsible citizens into wards of the state.

These conversations have nothing to do with race. Rather, they have everything to do with preserving our great nation so that we can leave future generations a better world.