Turner’s victory in the heavily Democratic New York 9th district is being described as sending the President a big message. As Sabrina wrote earlier, this is a heavily Jewish District and the Wall Street Journal details today just how much supporters of Israel have to be concerned about with this Administration.

Yet this wasn’t just a foreign policy election. This was a rejection of the President’s big government agenda.

It’s worth noting that the newly elected Rep. Turner isn’t just any old R who people could pull a lever for and vote “no” against establishment Democrats. He is a tea-party supporting advocate for limited government, reversing ObamaCare, and returning power to the people. And yes, he is the new representative of a very blue district in New York.

This is a big moment. Americans everywhere seem to recognize that idea of giving government ever-more power in the hopes that will somehow right our economy is simply misguided. It’s time to try something new-or rather something very old, and begin the long process of returning our government to its proper role in society so that the private sector can expand once again.