Tomorrow, the First Lady will announce another “initiative” related to…umm…”helping” (ahhh, yes, helping) restaurants provide “healthier choices and greater variety for families.” 

Boy, those White House folks are always thinking…thinking, thinking, thinking of random ways to help. 

Well, here’s a big thanks for thinking of us spineless and apparently menu-challenged parents, but I suspect many parents are perfectly happy to take on the responsibility of choosing healthy meals for their families (and some are perfectly happy to choose the not-so-healthy option and that’s their right!). 

Personally, I don’t need the government or a well-meaning restaurant to change their menus. I am perfectly capable of reading a menu, finding healthy options, and ordering those items for me and my family.

It’s a little thing called personal responsibility.   

And can we just take a moment to think about the absolute absurdity of the White House…yes, the White House micromanaging what American restaurants can serve?

There seems to simply be no limit to the government’s reach in the Obama Administration.