Cue the latest round of rumor-mongering. “Journalist” Joe McGinniss’ book on Sarah Palin is about to come out – and unsurprisingly, it’s chock full of personal allegations (many of which are unsubstantiated.) I'm no Palinista, but the sheer audacity of this author and the book's contents merits a comment.

I’m sick of these kind of attacks on female politicians. These kinds of accusations would never be levied at a male politician – or even if evidence came out, it would be a one-day matter – end of story. Putting a woman and her family through a three-year witch hunt is utterly reprehensible.

Go after a person’s policy stances; go after their track record while in office… heaven knows there's enough there to critique. But ENOUGH with the personal mudslinging. Let’s call it out for what it is – sexism – and ignore this jerk. Hopefully, he’ll get what he deserves… no book sales.