Here is President Obama in 2009:


So much for that.  Reportedy, the President is set to propose a $1.5 trillion tax hike.   We aren't supposed to worry, because it's only those nasty old rich people who will be paying more to Uncle Sam.

But I bet that's not how most American–yes, even moderate-income Americans–will greet this news.  They don't need an economist to know that wealthy Americans also tend to be job creators and that taking money from them will mean they have less to spend and invest in new businesses and other endevours. 

After the steady trickle of news about just how terribly the federal government manages its money, and its pathetic attempts at job creation, does anyone really doubt that letting those so-called "millioniores" keep their money would be better than giving it to Washington's vast bureaucracy?

Apparently the President does, which is why his only core conviction seems to be growing government.