I rise this morning in defense of First Lady Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama "dazzle[d] New York, wearing diamond bangles by H-Town's Katie Decker."  The First Lady's diamond cuffs are estimated to have cost $42,000.

I have absolutely no problem with rich people buying beautiful things. So I think the undercurrent of derision in the tone of the reportage on Mrs. Obama's bangles both reflects envy and obscures the innate appreciation of success that is part of the American DNA. We might even thank Mrs. Obama for being a one woman stimulus package for various luxury businesses (Marbella hotels, Vineyard restaurants, and the Blue Heron Farm).

But…you knew this was coming, didn't you? This also seems to be the latest example of Mrs. Obama's tone deafness. Americans are hurting. I don't think many of us get the feeling that our pain is shared at the White House. Sometimes I even get the feeling that the Obamas have decided that, hey, this might not last. So let's have a helluva time.

Mrs. Obama might want to look this up: Marie Antoinette, Affair of the Diamond Necklace.