The United States is desperate for job creation.  That's what everyone, including the Adminstration, says.

If that's really true, then allowing the development of the Keystone pipeline is a no-brainer. The project will bring in an estimate $7 billion in private investment, create an estimated 20,000 construction jobs and support hundreds of thousands of other jobs. And it won't cost taxpayers a dime.

Moreover, by increasing the amount of oil comes from Canada and can be refined into useable fuel here in the United States, this project will also become an important, reliable source of energy for our country, ultimately, helping bring down gas and energy prices.

While radical environmentalists protest this as selling out the environment, rationally, it's a win for the environment: Canada's oil sands are going to be developed. From the true environmentalist perspective, far better for the environmentally-conscious, hyper-regulated U.S. to do it than someone (like the Chinese) who are less likely to take the same environmental precautions.

A group called is offering another reason for the U.S. to work with Canada on energy development, instead of with Saudi Arabia:


I'm not sure how much shifting our oil-importing habit from the Saudis to our Northern ally will help Saudi women, but this is a good reminder of the freedoms that too many women lack in parts of the world. And there is something to be said for doing business with an ally that respects human rights, rather than with dictators who don't.