By Hadley Heath

During October—Breast Cancer Awareness Month—women pay extra attention to their bodies and consider their unique, very personal health care needs. Women know that not all women need or want the same treatment protocol. They also know that if they get sick, they will want access to the best doctors and treatments available. Women want our health care industry to vigorously pursue new treatments and ultimately cures for diseases like cancer.

Onerous health care regulations—many advanced in the name of protecting women—take our health care system in the wrong direction. They impose one-size-fits-all solutions, create barriers to some treatment regimes, and discourage research, development, and innovation.

Unfortunately, government agencies have been working overtime to write hundreds of new rules that will govern health insurance and our health care system. Many of these new federal regulations are the result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as “ObamaCare”), which became law in March 2010 and gave unprecedented regulatory power to government entities over health care.

Americans know that the best prescriptions for their health care come from doctors—not government bureaucrats. We need to roll back excessive government regulation to create a dynamic health care system that provides better access, lower costs, more innovation, and most importantly, greater freedom and quality in health care.

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