Well, I guess it had to happen…

The trendy New York Observer, the Manhattan weekly printed on salmon hued paper, has done what amounts to a fashion spread on “the hottest people at Occupy Wall Street:”

Sunday afternoon, The Observer went down to Zuccotti Park to continue our series of portraits of protesters and other people drawn to the Financial District. Suddenly we noticed a trend: a preponderance of very attractive people in the crowd.

Since Occupy Wall Street’s foes love to dismiss the protesters as “druggy” and unhygenic, we thought we would highlight a few of the glamorous citizens of the 99 percent.

After reading the remarks of the Beautiful People of Occupy Wall Street, I am further tempted to dismiss the hotties as like just really inane. Meet a few of the hotties:

Sabra Gray, 18, Fashion Intern:

Days at the protest: First day. What brings you here? Good that our generation is starting to take a stand. Get out there and stick it to the man. Do you have a message? If you're able, bring food and supplies. Nothing's going to change unless we start making a change. Hobbies: Figure skating, sewing.

Terron Wood, 25, Model

Days at the protest: First day. What brings you here? It's awesome. What everyone else is here for: Democracy, freedom, and justice for all. Do you have a message? Be the change you wish to see in the world. Hobbies: I run a health blog (terronshealthadventures.blogspot.com) and music, art — just about anything that's creative.

Joanna Guerriere, 30, Life Coach

Days at the protest: First day (visiting from Toronto, ON). What brings you here? There's so many people here willing to mobilize for something new. There's hunger, energy, awareness. Do you have a message? Contribute 20 percent to the common good. Hobbies: Shifting from scarcity to creativity and abundance. Redefining Profit. Tribal leadership. Coordinating for Toronto Global Shift.

Zara Bowman, 19, Student

Days at the protest: Three days. What brings you here? Pictures. And, of course, to support the movement too. Do you have a message? A lot of people want to spread the word. Hobbies: Photography and Human Rights. Studying abroad in India. Ballet.

I wonder who is paying for Zara’s “studying abroad in India” and the ballet. Just asking…

Oh, and I like their job choices: fashion intern, life coach, and model. Those occupations should be recession proof.

It may be that there are some ugly people at Occupy Wall Street, who speak more coherently. But somehow I doubt it.

And please remember, Gentle Reader,  that these are the people Nancy Pelosi and President Obama have cited as having legitimate grievances. Could that be because they are spouting undigested thoughts from the liberal playbook?