Last week in The Guardian, Jamie Oliver said he was “really upset and let down” by the British government for not making obesity reduction strategies a top priority.  He says that “simply telling people what they already know – that they need to eat less and move more – is a complete cop out.” 

So what exactly does Jamie propose the government do?  Perhaps Comrade Jamie wants the British Government to force people to eat less and move more?  Ah, yes. I’m sure the British people would enjoy going back to the days of WWII with food rationing books and limits on nearly every food and ingredient.  Those were the days!

Well, thank goodness, it appears Jamie hasn’t totally gone totalitarian on us…yet.  He’s not looking to force people to eat better.  Instead, (in what can only be described as the most circuitous argument ever made) Jamie says the key is more information…huh?  I thought you just said that was a cop out.

Education is the key here. We need to give people the knowledge to be able to make better choices before we start making empty noises about encouraging people to eat better food. I have seen myself that giving practical information and teaching within schools and communities can make a real difference.

Ok, so let’s just break down that paragraph, shall we?

Jamie says “education is key.”  Oh yes, the brave call for education. So what might that education include?  Maybe some stuff about eating less and moving more…you know the cop out message already being pushed by the British Government?

Ok, next sentence:

“We need to give people the knowledge.”  Like the knowledge to eat less and move more?

Ok, next:

Jamie says that he has given people “practical information” and has taught within schools and communities.  Hmm…would that information and teaching include stuff about eating less and moving more?

Oh, sweet Jamie. I have a soft spot for you but stick to cooking.