I expect Gov. Perry’s flat tax plan to give him a significant boost in the polls. 

Many conservative and Republican voters who were initially attracted to Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan were likely enthused with the idea of bringing simplicity, transparency, and fairness to our tax system. Still, as details of Cain’s plan – and the additional consumption tax – unfolded, voters have been looking for an alternative. In fact, despite Cain's recent surge, his tax plan is likely the reason there’s still so much uncertainty surrounding him as a candidate.

By putting forth a promising – and more realistic tax proposal – Perry not only distinguishes himself from Cain, but also demonstrates that he is committed to fiscal conservatism in a way voters continue to suspect Romney is not. The fact is Perry’s plan does more than simply address the tax system. It also focuses on balancing the federal budget, entitlement reform, and economic growth. 

It’s hard to imagine this announcement won’t strengthen Perry’s position in the Republican field.