From the start, the accusations made against GOP hopeful Herman Cain have left me concerned. Concerned that he may, in fact, be guilty of inappropriate behavior toward a number of female employees, and concerned that we have the ability to skewer someone in the media without actually corroborating any of the details of the supposed crime.

That’s why the announcement today that another woman alleging sexual harassment by the former president of the National Restaurant Association is expected to make a public appearance and describe the details of the incident is intriguing. While I am interested in knowing what this woman has to say, I was also given pause as soon as I heard who would be standing by her side: Gloria Allred

Now I certainly wouldn’t go so far as some on the right who claim that women are just waiting to get “lawyered up” and cry sexual harassment at the drop of a hat; but I do get suspicious whenever the self-proclaimed feminist “warrior” inserts herself into the picture.  As I spelled out in great detail here, Allred is no feminist. And her general choice of defendant doesn’t suggest she has very discriminating taste.

While I’d like to think that there are some public figures who have a decent moral compass, I am interested to hear what this woman has to say about her interactions with Herman Cain. Still, if I was her, and I intended to tell the truth, I would keep Allred at bay.