Naomi Wolf, who attained brief fame beyond the women’s studies set by advising Al Gore to wear earth colors, is the latest semi-celebrity to weigh in on behalf of Occupy Wall Street. She has a piece in the U.K. Guardian that makes me wonder what is occupying Naomi's head:

This single global family, transcending national boundaries, just wants a peaceful life, a sustainable future, economic justice and basic democracy.

On the other side, the global corporatocracy, also transcending national boundaries, has purchased governments and legislative processes, developed its own military, mercenary or quasi-military enforcers, engaged in systemic economic fraud and plundered treasuries and ecosystems.

This first part sounds like Rousseau’s painting “The Peaceable Kingdom,” only instead of animals there are young people who “just” want a sustainable future and economic justice, apparently without having to work hard for these benefits.

The second part sounds mad—one can recognize that some corporations do the wrong thing without quite going this far?

Quite deliciously, Ms. Wolf proffers advice for Occupy Wall Street crowd. My favorite admonition was one:

Protesters need to raise their own money and use it to hire their own lawyers. The corporatocracy is terrified that citizens will get their hands on the mechanism of the law.

But this one is also good:

Protesters ideally should read Gandhi and King and dedicate themselves to disciplined, long-term, non-violent disruption of business as usual – especially disruption of traffic.

This is rich, too:

Protests should be scenes not of clashes but instead should model the kind of civil society this emerging human family wants to live in. In Zuccotti Park, in Manhattan, for instance, there is a kitchen, food is donated for free, kids are invited to sleep over and there are teach-ins organised.

Musicians should bring instruments, the vibe should be joyful and positive. If there is mess, protesters should clean it up themselves. The idea is to build a new city within the corrupt city and show that this is a reflection of the majority of society, not a marginal destructive element.

Charlotte also has advice: Take a bath and look for a job.