As HotAir sums it up: :

NYT “scoop”: Romney a little standoffish with fellow passenger on flight

You have to read the story to realize to what lengths the MSM will go to paint a Republican in a bad light.

Here is the basic scoop: Mitt Romney was seated next to Carolyn McClanahan, a physician, on a Delta flight to Boston. McClanahan wanted to talk about her idea for slashing medical costs by using electronic billing (sure Mitt had never heard that one before!) but Romney, who had already posed for a picture with McClanahan, wanted to read:  

“He looked at me blankly and said, ‘I understand,’ then put his iPad headphones in and kept reading,” she said.

Worse, asked by another passenger for a restaurant recommendation in Boston, Romney demurred. McClanahan (and the New York Times) were not shy about using the incident to pontificate on Romney's character:

 “I feel he’s out of touch or doesn’t want to be in touch or that he’s afraid to be in touch,” she said. “He’s just like people describe him: just very wooden.”

The Times story includes much more editorializing on Romney's failure to connect with McClanahan and What It All Means.

One thing that the paper didn’t highlight, however: Romney was flying commercial, apparently unattended, and sitting in coach.

I’ve always thought that it would have been harder for then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi to ram  Obamacare through Congress if she’d had to fly commercial and put up with her fellow Americans, many of whom would have wanted to talk to her about the hated health law. Romney may not be Zygat’s for Boston and he may not have wanted to get into a conversation with McClanahan, but he does fly commercial. That gives him a brush with reality that many many high flying pols have lost.

 By the way, I’m not sure I would have wanted to talk to McClanahan either. She described herself as “squarely in the middle” and then went on to say, “The only choice we have been given to vote for in the upcoming election so far is to stick with President Obama.”

Perhaps Mitt also sensed McClanahan is just the sort who is dying to be quoted in the New York Times.