Occupy Wall Street in Washington picked as a target for attack an Americans for Prosperity gathering. Topic: “Defending the American Dream” summit.

Doesn’t it strike you as interesting that these ruffians tried to storm a conference on the American Dream? They could not have picked a more richly symbolic target or a better way to show what they want and what they believe. (Accounts of the riot are here, here, and here.)

In place believing in the American Dream—with its implication of social mobility through effort—Occupy Wall Street believes in getting what they want through soaking “the rich.”

Although I feel certain that there some leftist theoreticians lurking in the crowd, I don’t think many of them have thought this thing through.   For example, are “the rich,” once soaked, expected to continue to work to earn more money to hand over to anti-capitalist demonstrators?

If you want to know where the divide is in American society, it’s not between the rich and the poor. It’s between those who believe in the American Dream and those who don’t.

Rudy Giuliani’s comment that the Occupy movement grew out of President Obama’s class warfare rhetoric is well worth considering.