The interviews with Occupy Wall Street protestors are insightful. A young protestor is quoted in the Wall Street Journal this morning,

Chris Rooney, 27 years old, of Baltimore, carried a sign at the Washington march that read, "Dude, where's my job?" Mr. Rooney said he never has been fully employed, despite having a college degree. "I have a job at a department store. They gave me four hours a week—Ican't live on that," he said.

One of the motivating factors for young people to get involved in OWS is the high unemployment rate. I have no doubt that it is a tough time for recent graduates right now. But here is what I don’t understand—what do young people who participate in Occupy Wall Street hope to accomplish? Yesterday, lots of images of young people protesting emerged, especially in the Financial District of New York City. These protestors want to cripple the ultimate symbol of big business in America.  How is this going to solve the big problem facing recent graduates of not having jobs?

I would encourage young people tempted to participate in OWS to think about the best way to direct their resources in order to find jobs. I doubt it is by protesting with signs that say “dude, where’s my job?”