The National Organization for Women.  Or is it?

The homepage is full of articles about Penn State, Herman Cain, birth control, and even the Super Committee.  I'm glad to see the organization commenting on such a variety of issues.  After all, all issues are women's issues.

There's also a tab on their homepage for "Stopping violence against women," and there you can find more articles about sexual harassment in the military and even on college campuses, more on Penn State, and even the shooting of Rep. Giffords (terrible things, deserving of condemnation for sure).  But what you won't find is any condemnation of the sexual assaults tied to the Occupy Wall Street movement.  

My friend Keely Sisco notes NOW's silence on her Pollytick Chick blog:

The following "hot topics" can be found on NOW's homepage right now:

  • 850 articles and references to Herman Cain
  • A letter to the Secretary of Health & Human Services pleading for abortion to be covered under Obamacare
  • An article bashing a Dr. Pepper ad for discriminating against women
  • A letter to Penn State's Board of Trustees about recent child sexual assault allegations
  • Numerous articles intended to scare us into believing the Super Committee is going to abolish Social Security and Medicare (it isn't.)
  • A suggestion for legislation to make it illegal for an employer to check an applicant's credit history
  • A plea for women to speak up on "Love Your Body" day
  • An article on how to care for your hair after having extensions-and finally,
  • Why you should love your breasts and wear them proudly.


What you WON'T find anywhere on any of NOW's numerous websites is a single reference to MULTIPLE rapes and sexual assaults at OWS camps across America.

So, to NOW, I pose the following questions:
  • What about the 14-year-old girl who was SEXUALLY ASSAULTED at Occupy Dallas?
  • What about the 19-year-old girl who was RAPED at Occupy Cleveland?
  • What about the man who was arrested for SEXUALLY ASSAULTING 2 different women at Occupy Wall Street?
  • What about the 10 alleged SEXUAL ASSAULTS at Occupy Wall Street that weren't reported to the police?
  • What about the 23-year-old woman who was RAPED at Occupy Philadelphia?
  • What about the man arrested at Occupy Seattle for exposing himself to little children?
  • What about the pamphlet drafted and passed around Occupy Baltimore that discouraged protesters from reporting sexual assaults to police?


Come on, NOW, that's pretty embarrassing. This… is not what… an organization that's truly for all women looks like!

If you want to read IWF's commentary on the subject check it out here.