If you want to see how really bad Occupy Wall Street is, here is a shocking tidbit:

Meanwhile, the San Diego occupiers stormed into a Wal-Mart, filled 75 carts with merchandise, disrupted shoppers by chanting their nonsense for several minutes at the cash registers, then fled the store leaving behind 75 full carts for the employees to put away.

Does that say it all or what?

The employees who had to pick up after the Occupy thugs are not members of the 1 percent but harassed clerks who were already under pressure because of the Friday sales, even more important than normally in our struggling economy.

I realize that knocking down a grandmother is pretty awful, but somehow the casual disregard for the clerks is almost more telling. It reveals people who expect others to pick up after them.

College loan debt? Hey, Mr. Taxpayer, you gotta pay for me. (You will no doubt be heartened to learn of the new Education and Empowerment Committee of Occupy Wall Street.). Occupy Wall Street believes in the free ride—for Occupiers. They are either too addled (lots of interesting olfactory effects at the encampments) to know what their demands entail for the rest of us–or, what is more likely, they don’t care.

Let the clerks pick up our mess!

I've been waiting for liberals to come to their senses and denounce this anarchy. But they aren't going to do so. The underlying philosophy of contemporary liberalism is that the responsible members of society must pick up after the irresponsible ones. That is the philosophy of Occupy Wall Street.

Occupiers in several major cities find themselves bracing for the police to come and remove them from their fetid enclaves. And, still the mayor of Los Angeles feels he must preface this action by praising Occupy for bringing “needed attention to the economic disparities in our country.”

Yeah, tell that to the men and women who had to stay late to clean out those 75 carts, Mayor Villaraigosa.

Why don't prominent liberals ask Occupy to go home? It’s the philosophy they share, Stupid!

Interestingly, the latest big-time Democrat to come out in favor of Occupy Wall Street is none other than former New York governor and erstwhile CNN host Eliot Spitzer. Nathaniel Botwinick compares Spitzer’s “unfortunate habit of destroying reputations in pursuit of nonexistent cases” as New York’s attorney general, to the destructiveness of Occupy.