As Occupy Wall Street winds down, perhaps it is time for a postmortem (I hope that isn’t a distasteful way to put it in light of this).

In addition to cold weather and evictions by various police departments, Occupy is facing death by media blackout.

Yes, the media lost interest and is limiting its coverage mostly to unavoidable stories about evictions or clashes with the authorities. It may be that the MSM finally caught on that these thugs are not that endearing to normal people and may become embarrassing to the Democrats who originally embraced them.

Most people don't care for the sorts of incessant “demands” that issued from Occupy Wall Street. (Want somebody to pick up the tab for your college loans, Occupier? Well, says carpenter Conrad Hall, consider pursuing a trade.)

It could come back to haunt Democrats that they embraced Occupy and never came to their senses and denounced it. Or rather, Democrats did come to their senses but they found it more expedient to merely try to forget. Occupy WHO?

Chronicling the sudden amnesia of Democrats and their media minions, John Nolte notes that Slate’s Libby Copeland “freaked” over and ad tying the Occupy movement to Democrats. Similarly, Nolte notes, the AP is pretending that Democrats never supported the movement.

While their former supporters are less sanguine, Occupiers themselves haven’t quite given up the struggle to stay relevant. In Washington, for example, over the weekend there was a standoff with the police in McPherson Square, where Occupy has pitched tents, and several Occupiers were arrested.

In New York, Occupiers have announced a hunger strike (I have to say I wholeheartedly endorse this!) because the beautiful Trinity Church on Wall Street is not acceding to their demand that the gemlike church turn over a parking lot where Occupiers wish to replicate filth they created in Zuccotti Park.

But there is a sense that it’s over.

Nolte captured the essence of the movement:

Occupy is all about greed, self-actualization, and narcissism. The fastest and easiest way to feel superior is to assume the role of a victim … because a victim is always superior to his or her oppressors….

The formula is simple: feed enough self-esteem to those who don’t deserve it and you create an entire generation of entitled crybabies desperate to direct the frustration of their unfulfilled lives at whomever.

Our country is undergoing hard times that require adult behavior, not children who barricade themselves in parks and make demands.