Well, here’s some good news indeed: despite a 16 percent budget cut for higher education in North Carolina, a new gender studies scholarship will nevertheless be made available.

 It is the Janet Mason Ellerby Women and Gender Studies Scholarly Award. Some of Ms. Ellergy’s career highpoints are reviewed by Mike Allen today on Townhall:

Some years ago, Janet Ellerby learned that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were slated to make an appearance at UNC-Wilmington. Ellerby joined an effort to keep the Cowgirls from coming to our campus. Why? Well, you know the reason.

They wear too little clothing and help promote unhealthy (read: sexist) images of what a woman should look like. The Cowgirls were young, thin, and happy. UNCW feminists, on the other hand, place a premium on being old, plump, and angry. The Cowgirls had to go!

Okay, maybe that’s a cheap shot, Mike. But here is another achievement:

While under the direction of Janet Mason Ellerby, the WRC placed a large display in the lobby of the UNCW library. The display made an argument for free health care for prostitutes with no moral condemnation of prostitution whatsoever. In fact, the display declined to refer to the women as prostitutes. It called them “sex workers.”

Ms. Ellerby also placed pictures of naked children in the lobby of the college’s library. A provost, claiming that pedophiles had been spotted leering at the pictures, tried to have them removed. Ms. Ellerby stood firm “in the name of academic freedom.”

Ms. Ellerby sounds so passé, doesn’t she? She represents a pre-Michele Bachmann, pre-Nikki Haley (if the University of North Carolina wants to look one state over) brand of feminism. But almost as pathetic as Ms. Ellerby's "achievements" is the waste of money in a time of economic travail. As Adam concludes:  

The taxpayers are being beaten to death by liberalism.