Or should I say, “Bill of Right” day. Our friends at the Cato Institute put together a video illustrating just how much progress the government has made in weakening the Bill of Rights over the last 220 years.  In the accompanying blog post, Tim Lynch explains how the original ten amendments have been watered down, chipped away, carved up, undermined and eroded so much that only one amendment, the third, remains in-tact. From campaign finance laws that restrain free speech, to eminent domain abuse on behalf of private parties, to the life sentences given to non-violent drug offenders, or to the massive imposition of the federal government into areas like health care and education, Americans’ constitutional protections have been subverted and encroached upon by the government for over two centuries.



You can’t board a commercial airplane without giving the government a glimpse of your naughty bits, but at least they’re not quartering soldiers in your house, right?