Sally Pipes on the Pacific Research Institute provides a must-read look at how socialized medicine systems are faring, which is also a sneak peak of what Americans can expect if we continue on ObamaCare's path.

The recession and budget crises are forcing governments to look for places to cut. As a result, in places like the UK, they are preparing to layoff thousands of medical workers, which threatens to make the already serious problem of poor—even neglectful—care worse.

My friends' and families' experience in socialized health care systems can be boiled down to: socialized medicine is fabulous…unless you get really sick. Government-run medicine seems well-suited to deliver some basic services, but not to help those with serious medical problems.

This is an important warning for Americans. Yes, our current health care system is imperfect and desperately needs reform to encourage greater efficiency and to control costs. Yet more government-control is the wrong direction to take. It will inevitably lead to lower quality care, a slowing down of medical innovation, and poor use of resources.