Don’t you just hate it when dead people insist on voting?

A bombshell video by James O’Keefe, conservative filmmaker with Project Veritas, appears to show poll workers giving dead people ballots to vote in yesterday’s New Hampshire primary. I gather some of the tireless dead were able to obtain ballots in multiple precincts.  

From watching the video, it appears that O’Keefe’s team, armed with names of former voters who had gone on to their eternal reward, had no trouble getting ballots.

Here is a favorite quote from one of the encounters caught on video:

“Live free or die,” an election worker told one of the investigators in the video. “This is New Hampshire. No ID needed.”

The parts of the video I saw featured only voters asking for Democratic ballots (there was a Democratic primary yesterday in New Hampshire, too). The dead voters found an excuse not to actually vote.

This remarkable video has been made available exclusively to the Daily Caller. I urge you to watch it. More important, I urge Attorney General Eric Holder to watch it.

The AG, as you know, is trying to prevent South Carolina and Texas from putting in place voter ID requirements.

Mr. Holder makes the strange and offensive claim that such laws discriminate against members of minorities. Minorities should be furious with Holder for implying that they can’t get it together to present ID.

The simple requirement for an ID protects the integrity of our elections.

I revere the dead. But I don’t want them to vote.