Gallup reports that obesity rates dropped in 2011.  Of course, this statistical information is based on self identifying oneself as obese to a Gallup representative (some people might find it a little difficult to admit such things, even to a total stranger) but still, this is good news.

There's no doubt that the food nannies and government regulators will take credit for this drop in obesity. But Americans should know that while this is definitely good news, obesity rates have remained relatively flat for over a decade. 

Unfortunately, I'm sure we'll soon see calls for even more regulations citing this new Gallup information (even Gallup couldn't help put in a few editorial comments in the press release saying "the nation has a long way to go to achieve lasting change.").  The reasoning will simply be that regulation works based on this new data so why not levy a few more sin taxes, a few more food bans, a few more rules and regulations.  And of course, victory can never really be declared in the war on fat.  How else would the food nannies prop up the notion that there's an epidemic if we all too heartily celebrate Americans' shrinking waistlines.