When did our nation forget that capitalism is good, that corporations exist to make a profit, not to keep people employed?

The Gingrich “movie” about Bain Capital is slanted fiction, a coordinated attempt by a Republican Presidential candidate to drive up the negatives of a primary opponent.  The effects are sure to remain in the general election when the Republican primary winner faces President Obama – all in a year then the number 1 issue is electability and the number 2 is the economy.  Republicans were bound to go negative – but everyone assumed it would be against Obama.  Where’s Reagan’s 11th Commandment, never speak ill of another Republican?

Primaries should be fair fights about issues, not mud-slinging contests that weaken a mutual brand. Not surprisingly, Gingrich’s attack is not doing him any favors in the polls, but is increasing his negatives with Republicans who overwhelmingly want a candidate who can win as well as defend key principles.

Most conservatives know that American businesses that do not restructure fail, just like our government will fail if we don’t assess and institute success as a nation. That's why voters are anxious for someone with the skills and determination to fix our bloated and out-of-date government.  Romney is looking better and better. 

The crux of the movie is the individual workers that were disadvantaged by Bain client restructuring.  Can you find individuals that suffer when any change is made?  Absolutely.  That does not mean that more people would not suffer worse if the needed changes didn’t happen

The countervailing solution is … is what?  That corporations never restructure and simply become unprofitable and kill ALL the jobs when they die?  That no one analyze product, profitability, policy, employees and the plethora of issues that make a company profitable? Industries die.  Companies die.  Brands go out of favor; sometimes the competition just whips you.  If all corporations have to survive the solution is government bail outs all the time.

The last successful Presidential candidate won on “change” and it follows that the 2012 electorate wants stability—or a return to a system of clearly defined rules and a growing economy.. Yet calling Bain Capital corporate raiders for sustaining the engine of economic growth echoes the anti-business Obama mantra, feeding into class warfare and anti-wealth.  That’s the very “change” voters are running from. The polls are proving it.