Charlotte noted yesterday that the Administration has seized the moment to squash the Keystone Pipeline bid, hoping that they'll be able to lay the blame on Republicans for rushing them toward a decision, rather than be exposed as suck ups to radical environmentalists and the enemy of energy and job creation.

Over at, Lincoln Brown brings up another interesting comparison in the Administration's whole energy approach. With Keystone, applications have been in the works for years and numerous evaluations have been completed that found no environmental reason to prevent the project. The Administration is now pretending that the two month deadline to finally give this project a thumbs up or a thumbs down is just too tight.

Compare that to the approach taken by the Administration when it came to showering politically-connected Solyndra with taxpayer dollars. The Administration couldn't move fast enough, and was frustrated by those analysts who seemed to want to actually review if this investment made any sense for American taxpayers.

The American people should be outraged on both accounts by an Administration that's only compass seems to be political expediency.