Did you hear the one about the sperm donor and the government regulator?

No really…did you?

While that question might seem like the perfect set-up for some sophmoric dirty joke, it really isn't. 

In what might me the weirdest story of government gone too far, a 36 year old California man, who donates his sperm to needy couples for free, is being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration because sperm donations must be screened for a host of sexually-transmitted diseases, including HIV, hepatitis and gonorrhea.

You know, I'm not going to try to figure out why this guy takes the time to donate a bit of himself for the good of baby-free couples, nor am I going to spend too much time thinking about the couples who take this guy up on his offer (hey, if you want to risk it, go for it!), but I do have one question: what kind of regulatory nonsense is the FDA up to?  

Are they all monks and nuns over there?  Hasn't it occured to anyone over there at the FDA that millions of American men donate their sperm for free every evening after a late night of drink specials at Ruby Tuesdays?  That's right, there's simply a ton of the unregulated stuff depostited every evening (mostly on the Jersey Shore) and there's no FDA regulator present to make sure it's a safe product.

And let's not forget all the boo hooing by the democrats about FDA being so dangerously understaffed that American's very food supply is at risk.  Well, how about we take a few of those sperm investigators and transfer them to frozen pizza inspection duty.  That might solve some of those staffing problems.