It’s been said that you can tell a nation’s priorities by the things that it spends money on. Earlier today, the White House released President Obama’s 2013 budget– and a cursory glance at the proposal tells us that in 2013, we’ll be prioritizing nation-building, infrastructure projects like high-speed rail that people won’t use, and propping up dying-yet-politically well-connected industries. Oh… and we’ll be paying for these things through taxing success and ambition. Remember, kids: tax what you want less of, and subsidize what you want more of!

As expected, President Obama wants the federal government to fund everything but the kitchen sink… well, that and the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, that is. Vicki’s written a number of great articles about the program’s successes… and Sabrina’s written about how the DC OSP actually costs far less per pupil than DC is currently spending on public school tuition. But hey, let’s not let a few pesky statistics and facts get in the way of ideology, right?

Just who are the kids who will be deprived of a quality education? Check out Let me Rise, a short film produced by the Heritage Foundation in 2009:

Full video here.

Shame on the White House.